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Korg Minilogue-XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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An evolved next-generation analog synthesizer with huge potential for sound design and performance.

In addition to emphasizing the same real analog sound and joy of controlling an electronic musical instrument offered by the original minilogue, the minilogue xd newly adds a digital multi-engine, effects, a powered-up sequencer, and micro tuning functionality, further expanding the possibilities for sound design and performance potential. 

Analog synthesizer circuit that shatters expectations for its class

Four-voice polyphonic analog synthesis, and the analog synthesizer circuit of the minilogue, whose genuine analog sound had a huge impact on the synth world.

Voice structure of minilogue xd is 2VCO + MULTI ENGINE, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. In addition to the distinctive circuits found in the series, such as wave shaping to shape the overtones of the oscillator and a sync/ring switch, there's also cross modulation, a sharp two-pole filter, and a drive switch that adds thickness and drives signal into minilogue xd’s filter. Every parameter has been tuned in detail based on what musicians want out of their synth. The sounds range from the warm pads typical of analog to fat basses and crisp lead sounds, covering every situation.

Of course, programs that you create can also be saved in the unit. Out of the box, minilogue xd comes loaded with 200 presets, and a total of 500 programs can be saved.