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Hartke LX8500 Bass Head

af Hartke
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Original Pris 3.795,00 kr
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Nuværende Pris 3.639,00 kr
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LX8500 is a Class D bass amplifier that packs 800 watts of real continuous power in a compact design weighing under 9 pounds. A tube-driven Class A preamp with Hartke Tone Stack EQ responds dynamically to any style of playing and provides the onboard controls needed to customize a distinctly modern or vintage bass tone

Tone Stacked

Sound great as soon as you plug in with the Hartke Tone Stack EQ section that uses a meticulously engineered equalization curve that has been tailored for the bass guitar. The 12AX7 tube preamp is equipped with Bass and Treble controls as well as Shape and Frequency controls that provide detailed mid-frequency control. The Frequency knob that is a sweepable filter from 200–800Hz and the shape knob sets the depth of the filter for a boost or cut in the midrange.

Tonal Control

An onboard drive control can be used to mix in a comfortable amount of grit, or can be maxed out for an authentic fuzz. A variable compressor control can be used to smooth out transients and provide a tight, punchy bass attack. A Brite button can be engaged for a high-frequency boost to bring out the top-end of the bass. The LX8500 features two TRS footswitch inputs to engage Drive, Effects Loop, Brite and Frequency parameters.

Road-Worthy Versatility

The ideal amplifier for the stage, studio and practice room, the LX8500 offers all the essential connections and features in a single compact and lightweight package. An XLR Direct Out with a Pre/Post switch allows for direct connection to a PA or recording console. An 1/8” headphone output is ideal for silent practice sessions while 1/8” auxiliary input can be used to connect smartphones or MP3 players. An effects loop with Send and Return connections can be used with your favorite time- based effects as well as onboard 1/4” tuner output.

  • 800 watts of continuous power @ 4 ohms
  • Class D bass amplifier that weighs 8.5lb
  • Classic 12AX7 Class A tube preamp circuitry
  • Tone stack EQ with Bass, Treble, Shape and Frequency controls
  • Brite button for top-end presence
  • Drive circuit for added distortion effect
  • Compressor knob controls bass dynamics
  • 1/4" input jack compatible with active and passive instruments
  • 1/4" and twist-and-lock speaker jacks
  • 1/4" Effects Send and Return jacks
  • 1/8" Aux input
  • 1/8" Headphone output
  • 1/4" Tuner Output
  • Balanced XLR direct output with pre/post switch
  • Output Mute switch
  • 2 x TRS footswitch jacks for Drive, Effects Loop, Bite and frequency parameters
  • 3,9kg